Retreats and days of recollection are centuries old in the Catholic tradition. Timelier more today than ever before, retreats offer respite from the stress of daily life. 

Parishes, apostolates and renewal groups are invited to hold retreats, days of recollection, and other programs on site. We support all those who accept the Lord's call to come away from the world to deepen their relationship with God. 

Single Day or 
Overnight Events

Directed, Silent, or Private Retreats

Educational, Youth & Religious Programs

Parish Missions & 
Days of Recollection

Groups and individuals may come for one day events or multiple day retreats with an overnight stay. Our private rooms, chapel, function areas, and full-service dining halls can accommodate a wide variety of needs. You may facilitate your own retreat or you are invited to contact us to discuss a program. 

Interested in scheduling a retreat? Please contact us for availability, pricing and more options.

Photo credits: Aaron Joseph